What is tuxcast?

Tuxcast is a program written for linux and similar platforms, which downloads podcasts (Audio files included as enclosures in RSS feeds). It is pretty small, yet rather featureful. It only has a command line interface (CLI), and there are not currently any plans to write a graphical interface. It is intended for advanced users, therefore users who are not reasonably technically competent may struggle (If this is you, might I reccomend a podcast download program such as juice).

I, to be honest, can't be bothered much more. If somebody wants to take over and love and care for the project, they can give me a shout. I don't particularly care what is done with it, as I'll probably just use my own personal branch from now on. If bugfixes are required to run on modern systems/distros, I'll do my best, but to be honest, nothing exciting is going to happen from now. I'll call tuxcast 0.3 finished, and as production quality as it's going to get.

Getting involved

As tuxcast is currently, primarily, a one man band, I'd love any help I can get. This is not just code monkeys, but anybody who can help. Things I can think of now, include:

Legal Mumbo Jumbo

Tuxcast is released under the GPL, version 2 (Although due to a clause in the license, it is also usable under the GPL3 terms. I am not currently planning on moving to the GPL3, as I'm not sure I agree with everything it stands for).

Technical Mumbo Jumbo

Tuxcast is written in C++, using the libxml libraries for configuration and parsing RSS feeds, libcurl for downloading files over HTTP, libtorrent (The rtorrent one) for bittorrent podcasts.


David 'Cillian' Turner

My email address ends in googlemail, and then the TLD known as .com. The first part of it consists of my pseudonym, i.e. Cillian, followed by a nice power of 2, also known as 64. The only punctuation is the "at" sign, and a dot in the domain name. Oh, and if you've got it right, the MD5 of the lowercase of my email address, followed by a unix-style newline, generated by echo "address" | md5sum, is 31775f5e5e2a8dec42a5a2d577480adc.

If you can't figure out this little puzzle, talk to Cillian, Cillian_, Cillian__, or someone with a name something like that in #tuxcast on irc.freenode.net. Or, just find an RPM of tuxcast somewhere, they all include my address anyway.

Cheers to nlindblad for this layout (Originally designed for the wiki...). Which I accidentally deleted when deleting said wiki, it would appear, and I do not have a backup copy of. Oh well. Live with it.